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I was thinking about it the other day I realized Zuko had the greatest connection with Sokka out of all the members of Team Avatar. It amazed me in “The Boiling Rock” episodes how well they worked together and what a great team they made. They were both skilled fighters without using bending; both being excellent swordsmen. They each became leaders of their respective lands, Zuko becoming Firelord and Sokka becoming Chief of the Southern Water Tribe.

When Tenzin said that Zuko and Sokka were part of the team that stopped the Red Lotus initially from abducting Korra, it made me think about how great it would of been to see them work together in their old age.

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How Every Awful Video Game Thing Was Born

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So sad. So funny. So true.


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For seven days, designer Cristina Vanko wrote every single one of her text messages in calligraphy. The project started as a way to force herself to master calligraphy, but soon changed the way she looked at communicating with the people in her life. Think you could do it too? 

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