How Every Awful Video Game Thing Was Born

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So sad. So funny. So true.


Follow&reblog if you want a chance to win a Dragonslayer Pantheon skin and the champion or a Riot Ward Skin! I’m giving out five of each. Good luck!

Will be ending at 12:00 midnight PST July 10th, 2014.


For seven days, designer Cristina Vanko wrote every single one of her text messages in calligraphy. The project started as a way to force herself to master calligraphy, but soon changed the way she looked at communicating with the people in her life. Think you could do it too? 

Watch her TEDxUofChicago talk on the project here»


It’s a small give away but hey, You guys make me so happy <3

So Went to AX like many people did and some guy from the League of Legends booth was asking trivia and gave me WAY too many codes and Lanyards. But I only have one Lanyard left so yay.

Rules as follow

  • Must be following me
  • Must like and/Reblog
  • NO UNFOLLOWING that’s mean :c
  • You can like and reblog as many times as you want


1st place

  • One fully colored drawing, with any character(s) with background. BUT NO NSFW
  • And The Jinx/Vi Lanyard
  • (Maybe) I’ll give away some Riot points :3

Runner up(2)

  • A small drawing
  • And each with get Riot Ward Skin and Dragonslayer Pantheon :3


I love you all so much <3

lovely banner was made by summoner-hatss


What you’ve all been waiting for, League of Legends DRAGONSLAYER PANTHEON SKIN GIVEAWAY

I have 5 Panth Skins codes that have been unused in any region to give away. Winners will also receive a Riot Ward Skin Code

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This is my first giveaway guys so be nice! 


League of Legends Giveaway!

OK! I am back from Anime Expo and i have gathered a few codes. I have 17 Dragonslayer Pantheons (the code gives you Pantheon’s Dragonslayer skin and also the champion Pantheon) and 15 Riot Ward Skins.

To participate in this giveaway you would

1. Have to be…

I play on the North America sever. I would love to get Dragonslayer Pantheon!


Hello people of tumblr! I’m back from AX with some new skin cards. I have 4 Dragonslayer Pantheon skins and 4 Riot ward skins. I’m going to do a giveaway because I figured, why not? A couple of people are already doing it anyways haha. So why not up the chances for some of you guys? Anyways, basically this is how things are going to go.

  • You don’t have to be following. I don’t post a lot of League things on here so if you do follow me, expect a lot of TV show reblogs and the occasional cosplay posting/rantings.
  • There will be 4 winners. Each winner gets a Riot ward skin and Dragonslayer Pantheon skin. 
  • I will not respond to messages begging me to give you a skin.
  • This is all going to be determined by random draw.


  1. You can reblog and like. Preferably once but that’s up to you. There’ll be no penalty.
  2. The giveaway will end on July 10th, 6 pm PST. I suggest that when you do receive the message and the code I send to you, that you redeem it right away. The cards all expire on July 11th at 7PM PDT.
  3. Again. Don’t send me messages, begging or with some sob story to attempt to gain sympathy from me. I also do not want messages, such as, Give it to me, in my inbox. I will not respond and the messages will be ignored.
  4. No side accounts or giveaway blogs allowed please.

So! Happy reblogging and I wish you all luck!


Give away update!

Thank you for all the replies guys!
I have reached a final accumulation of 13 Pantheon skins and 10 ward skins!

I will start sifting through the entries because I have seen a lot of incorrect entries.
Remember you MUST:

1. Be following my blog

2. Like AND Reblog this post or the previous post.

3. VALID Entries NEED to comment for EITHER Dragon Slayer Pantheon OR the Fist Bump Ward skin. (Simply reblogging will get you neither)

Winners will be chosen 12 AM Monday/Tuesday. If you are chosen, please have your message box open or privately message me to receive the code.

Codes are valid through july 11th so you must be able to redeem them 3 days after winning

Dragonslayer Pantheon please!


So I went to Anime Expo this year and got a few extra Riot Ward skins and Dragonslayer Pantheon skins.

Want a code?

Uhh.. how does this work…

Reblog, follow me, and tell me which one you would like! 

Get it? Got it? Good!

It doesn’t say anything about being specific to any region so if you’re not from NA then state your business and the first person who does will get a code right away. Be honest please and thank you.

I would love Dragonslayer Pantheon!


Follow&reblog if you want a chance to win a Dragonslayer Pantheon skin and the champion or a Riot Ward Skin! I’m giving out five of each. Good luck!

Will be ending at 12:00 midnight PST July 10th, 2014.
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